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Genre: Puzzle
Release date: 29 February, 2008
Published by:Valve Corporation Steam
Developed by: Invisible Handlebar
Game play: Single Player

Other: DVD-ROM drive


    Audiosurf is an IGF award-nominated puzzle - rhythm hybrid game created by Invisible Handlebar. Its track-like stages visually mimic the music the player chooses, while the player races across several lanes collecting colored blocks that appear in sync with the music. Currently, the full version is only available for purchase through Steam and will include the entire Orange Box soundtrack embedded in the game to play.


    The player can choose between 15 different characters to play in the game. The characters are divided between three difficulty leveles and each has its own unique ability.

    Casual Characters (Easy)

  • Mono: Only one block color appears on the track. One must collect the colored blocks and avoid the grey ones.
  • Pointman: Features all the basic colors. Aditionally, the player has the ability to pick up an individual block from one lane and move it to another.
  • Double Vision: This mode has four lanes instead of the conventional three and two ships instead of one. The left ship occupies the left two lanes and is controlled by the keyboard while the right ship occupies the right two lanes and is controlled with the mouse.

    Pro Characters (Medium)

  • Vegas: When the player waits in a shoulder lane (lanes in which no blocks appear), a meter appears which randomly rearranges the gathered colors when filled up.
  • Eraser: Slightly more difficult than Pointman. Gives the player the ability to get rid of all gathered blocks of a certain color.
  • Pointman Pro: A more difficult variation of Pointman.
  • Pusher A medium difficulty setting. The player has the ability to "push" blocks into the lane to the left or right of the current lane based on which mouse button is held down.
  • Double Vision Pro: A more difficult variation of Double Vision.

    Elite Characters (Hard)

  • Ninja Mono: An expert variation of Mono, with shoulder lanes removed.
  • Pointman Elite: An expert variation of Pointman.
  • Pusher Elite: An expert variation of Pusher.
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