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Tales from the Past 2
Tales of the Past II

Game release dates March 2008
Galactic Command -- Echo Squad Special Edition March 3
SpaceForce Captains March 3
FlatOut: Ultimate Carnage March 11
Mission WWI Combat
March 17
Turok March 18
Belief & Betrayal March 25
Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas 2 March 25
Last Of The Patriots 2 March 28
Overclocked: A History of Violence March 31


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Call of Duty 4 Cheats

Enable the console from the game's in-game options. Hit the tilde key [~] to drop the console.
  • type seta thereisacow "1337"
  • press [Enter]
  • now type "spdevmap"
  • press [Enter]
  • an error msg will appear, ignore it. Klick END and resume the game or start a new game.

Now in the game you open the console with the [^] - key again and you can type in the cheat codes here.

give all           - Access all weapons
cg_LaserForceOn 1  - Add laser sights to all weapons
jump_height #      - Adjust gravity default = 39
timescale #        - Adjust time default = 1.00
r_fullbright       - Easier to see things
notarget           - Enemies ignore you
give ammo          - Full ammo
god                - God mode
demigod            - God mode but screen still shakes
noclip             - No clipping mode
cg_drawGun         - Removes your gun
cg_fov             - Zoom with any gun
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