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The Club

Genre: Shooter
Release date: 19 February, 2008
Published by: Sega
Developed by: Bizzare Creations
Game play: Single Player, Multiplayer
Connection type:

Other: DVD-ROM drive


     The Club is a radical departure for Bizarre Creations.  Primarily a score-based game, The Club is Bizarre's take on the third person shooter.  A unique new scoring system asks you to chain kills together in quick succession, building up your combo and grabbing you more points. The higher your combo the faster the bar ticks down, so it gets tougher and tougher to continue your deadly killing spree.
     To keep your score high you'll need to burst into rooms of enemies with all guns blazing; the combo system pushing you further and further to your limit.

    The Club is to feature a roster of eight playable characters, each of them purportedly play differently as a result of their individual speed, strength, and stamina attributes. Current previews have shown Dragov, an escaped prisoner from Russia; Renwick, a former New York police officer; Finn, a gambler with life-threatening debts; Seager, an extreme sports junkie; Kuro, a double agent posing as a Triad Society assassin; Killen, whose family's life was threatened in order to play; Adjo; and Nemo, who wears a mask and keeps his face mostly hidden under his hood.

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